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My Story

most beaultiful smile

Other fun facts…

• I love the color purple.
• I was kicked off a train in Austria.
• I’m passionate about learning new things.
• I once moved to Germany, but couldn’t speak a lick of German.
• I caused a ruckus on campus as an undergrad when I invited an astronaut to visit (and she did!)
• I’m always on the look out for shooting stars.
• My favorite song is Amazing Grace.
• My camera bag is bright blue and filled to the brim with Canon gear.
the funniest guy

Hi. I'm Heather.

Nice to meet you.
When I’m not behind my camera — or filling a page with words — you’ll find me riverside with my husband and three growing girls, hanging out online with the lovely ladies of Beautiful Bible Studies, or learning the art of baking alongside my daughter. (She’s much better at it than I am, btw.)
I was born and raised in the Great Lakes State of Michigan and am a wolverine all the way (Go Blue!). I was raised in the church, and asked Jesus into my heart as an undergrad at the University of Michigan. It’s here in the mitten where my husband and I are raising our family.
I love sand in my toes, teaching, traveling and most of all helping women devolop a deeper love walk with Jesus.
I’m blessed to be able to encourage, guide and walk alongside a community over 13,000 people from around the world.
They’ve been known to call me friendly, helpful and a great communicator.
(Which, btw, totally makes me blush.)

As Seen In...

In Print + On the Web. Heather's work has appeared in both national and local publications including the following...



I'm so excited to bring you a brand new set of four printable scripture verse coloring pages. I designed this set to bring rest to your spirit by featuring four of my favorite scriptures: "Cast all you anxiety on Him because He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)...
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Show off your completed coloring pages or share your Journey with Jesus stories by using the hashtag

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I'm happily available for speaking engagements
+ guest interviews. 

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Experiencing the Power of God in Impossible Situations - Are you facing an impossible situation? How do you live happy in the midst of heartache?  I've been there (more times than I care to count) and made it through to the other side. In this session, I'll share my experiences and the wisdom I've gleaned in the struggle. This inspiring message will help you regain your strength and reclaim the joy the Lord has promised you in the midst of hardship.

Other topics available upon request.